Friday, October 26, 2012


Dear P.S. 503 Family, Neighbors, and Businesses Community, In Sunset Park Brooklyn there is a group of young girls and boys who are dedicated to the game and art of chess. They are the ChessMates team of P.S. 503. We are a dynamic neighborhood elementary school located at the corner of 4th Ave at 59th St. Each week chess team members study, play, lose, win, and play again to learn strategies that improve their problem solving skills, support math and literacy, and raise self esteem.

Last year with the help of parents, a generous team of local businesses, individual donors, and Chess-In-The-Schools we were able to raise $15,000 and send our team to compete in the US National Scholastic Chess Championship. We chartered a bus and traveled from Brooklyn to Nashville, TN. The spirit of our extended team of supporters traveled with us, we played our best, and we returned The National Champions! The hardwork of the students, parents, teachers, and business supporters paid-off. Our goal now is to raise $15,000 to send 20-25 of our chessplayers to the US National Scholastic Chess Championship in Nashville, TN April 5-8th, 2013.

We are rewarding donations of 50 dollars with hand-printed ChessMates tote bags. For a donation of 100 dollars or more you can receive a ChessMates Tote and T-Shirt.

Sincerely, Carlos Graupera, Rachel Hsieh & Matt Silverman P.S. 503 Teachers/ChessMates Coaches Sponsors may also donate directly to the Chess Mates team by visiting the main office at P.S. 503. 330 59 STREET, BROOKLYN, NY 11220. Phone: 718-439-5962 *Checks can be made payable to P.S. 503 School Fund*

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