Friday, May 6, 2016

National's 2016: DC to Nashville to Rounds One and Two!

The Sunset Knight stopped off in DC before heading to the National Championship. The kids had a great time visiting the Natural History Museum and around. They also survived the dessert section of the Golden Corral. We all slept as the bus drove through the night bring us into Nashville at about 6am. After breakfast, we had a great morning touring the local sites. The kids loved free-time at Dragon Park and the guided tour of the Parthenon.

After settling into the convention center, our kids played in the National Blitz Championship. The Knight's K-3 team ended with winning 2nd Place thanks to top scorers Omar Saquisili, Li Weng Wen, Genesis Lucero, and Leo Ye.

On Friday afternoon the National Championship began with our first two rounds. Our K-6 team crushed the first round but struggled the second. Our K-3 team struggled round one but did well in round two. So results are mixed. Congrats to Omar Saquisili, Genesis Lucero, Li Wen Weng, and Novia Zhang for winning both rounds! At the end of the day, they reflected on their play by writing and sharing out "glows" and "grows",i.e., proud moments and next steps. Tomorrow is their most challenging day with three rounds of slow chess!