Friday, May 12, 2017

Here We Go Again! SuperNational's 2017!!

The Sunset Knights are in Nashville, Tennessee after a 15 hour bus ride. That may seem long but it was broken up with good conversation, a legendary feast at The Golden Corral, and finally some sleep. We arrived in Nashville at 10am Thursday and after breakfast we took the kids to Dragon Park for some fresh air and an epic wiffle ball game.

In the evening our team played in the Blitz Championship. This tournament is a warm-up for the National Championship on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. In contrast to the slow games our team will be playing this weekend, in Blitz games each player has only 5 min to make all of their moves. Our team won a trophy for finishing 10th Place out of 50 schools.,

SuperNationals is a special event held every four years combining the Elementary, Junior High, and High School Championships. This one is the largest ever boasting 6000 participants. It's nice to see so many PS 503 alumni continuing to play with their junior high and high school teams!

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