Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kings of Queens: Total Domination!

This weekend, the Sunset Knights won First Place in EVERY section we played: Rookie, Novice, and Reserve! If that weren't enough, as individuals our players won First Place in all these sections. Edwin Mendez (4.0) won First Place Rookie, Zheng Zou (4.0) won First Place Novice, and Steven Xue (4.0) won First Place Reserve (actually a three-way tie for First). Also, Giovanni Cortez won 3rd place Rookie with a perfect 4.0 score. Our game of the week is from Zheng's 3rd round game against a player from 150Q. Playing black, Zheng finds 18...Bxf3! luring white's rook from defending the back rank. Zheng told us after the game that he expected 20. Re3 Rxe3 21. fxe3 Ne4 winning an outpost for his knight, but instead his opponent played 20. Bxg5? that forced him to give up his queen to stop a mate.

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